Flowers and the most precious little lady - Columubs, Ohio newborn photographer

Both 2017 and 2018 have been filled with little boys in the studio, so when these parents told me they were having a girl and wanted to incorporate flowers into their session you can imagine my excitement. Don't get me wrong, I love me some precious little baby boys, but after a 5 baby boy streak I had, I was ready to get some flowers a bloomin' in the studio!

This little angel also happened to be so tiny and an amazing sleeper, so all around it was an incredible session. Here are a few of my favorites!

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All American - Columbus ohio family photographer

For the past 6 years I've been photographing this family. Before they were three, before they were husband and wife actually. Their engagement, wedding, newborn portraits, holiday photos, milestones and family portraits. It's been such an honor going through this journey with them and this most recent session may be my most favorite of all. I love how they turned out, but I also know it will be the one of the last times they are photographed together for a while. Daddy is being deployed in a few weeks and knowing that he'll be away from these beautiful ladies kinda tugs at the old heartstrings. I know he's going to do a great job overseas and I know he's going to come home safe. But it will be a long time away from his loved ones, and he is not alone.

Thank you for all that you do. Being a military family is a sacrifice and I am so proud to know many of them, especially this one. God bless you all and be safe my friends.

My "Not so Littles" - Columbus Ohio Children's Photographer

As a photographer sometimes you spend so much time photographing other people, you put your own sessions on hold. My oldest daughter celebrated her 6th birthday last month and it was time for her annual session and I just kept putting it off. A dear friend and fellow photographer even lent me some gorgeous Dollcake dresses to use and I just couldn't get the motivation to get her ready. I did have a day planned last week but of course it rained. Today was another rainy day, however around 7pm it cleared up so I grabbed both girls, put their curly hair in some loose piggies and bribed them with an Oreo McFlurry and off we went.

I wasn't really sure where I wanted to go, and the older she gets, the more shy she is when people are watching so I had one special spot in mind I knew would be more private. It's interesting because also as she gets older she tries to "pose" herself and channels Zoolander with her facial expressions haha! Getting those natural smiles is definitely more difficult these days, but I was so happy to get a few of her and capture her sweet, gentle soul and get at least one of her natural smile! Of course little sissy had to participate too and OMG she is such a ham! She kept tugging at my leg saying "mommy it's my turn now!"

And then there were four... girls that is! Newborn Photographer Columbus Ohio

When mama contacted me about doing her newborn portraits for her 4th child, I was so excited! They had 3 beautiful daughters and were waiting to be surprised with the 4th baby. Well it was another girl for this family and OMG after photographing her with her 3 big sisters it became clear that these little ladies were just meant to have another baby girl in the family.

I have to say, I was a little nervous to have them all in the studio and was literally praying we'd get at least one good shot for mama of the 4 of them together. Well, not only were they the most perfect little ladies and did we get many shots of them together, but I even managed to get individual shots of the older sisters too. They came with the most amazing outfits I just had to capture a portrait of each of them.

After the sibling portion the older gals left and I got to snuggle little miss #4 for her solo shots. She slept and then woke up right at the end for some of the most adorable awake shots. She had the best expressions I was so excited to have captured!

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A perfect gentleman - newborn photographer columbus, ohio

Having already met mom and dad during their maternity session, I was so excited to meet this little man. A tiny peanut at only 5lbs, he was a dream! The week of his session I had 5 newborns, which is a busy week for me, and a few of them were on the fussy side. Not this guy. He slept and snuggled like a champ and we were able to get so many wonderful images for mom and dad.

Working with babies and new families so frequently I get so see all of the dynamics. I will say these were some of the most chill, comfortable and non-stressed out parents, which also makes my job a little easier. They say that calm parents make for calm babies... in this case that was certainly the truth. However, every family is different and every baby is different and it really is wonderful to get to witness new families bloom each week.

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Maternity - Columbus, Ohio Photographer

I've said it before and I'll say it again... I just love doing maternity sessions. Not only because capturing these beautiful mamas while they are carrying the most precious little lives inside them, but because it gives me an opportunity to get to know my clients before the come in as newborn clients. When I used to photograph weddings, it was the same thing with engagement sessions. I got to meet and get to know the couple before the big day.

Getting to this stunning mama and daddy to be was so much fun. Not only are they GORGEOUS, but they are just the most down to earth. I love asking about the baby, if they have names picked out, the nursery decorated etc. I get so excited with anticipation along with them. Now I'll be even more excited when they come back with their little man.

There are so many images that I love from this maternity portrait session. I don't think they could take a bad photo. I also got to use a few of my new gowns which was exciting as well. Here are just a few of my favorites...


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Vintage Children's Portraits - Columbus, Ohio

With the technology of amazing cell phone cameras and affordable pro-grade cameras, it's no wonder this generation is the most photographed in history. I love that parents are capturing special moments, day-to-day activities and life. However, I wanted to take things back in time a bit and create timeless portraits that would be difficult to achieve using a cell phone. A throwback if you will to a simple style where there are minimal props and the child, their expression, and they really come to life.

About a month ago I did this kind of session with my own two girls. I had such an amazing response I decided to offer them as a mini session. It was definitely a challenge to offer these as minis, because this type of session is so completely different than the normal children's session. With a traditional session I'm trying to get them to smile, but asking them not too smile for these images proved to be harder haha! And unlike my usual session, the goal here was not to get dozens of good images, but just a handful that would really stand out and have an impact. Then there was wardrobe planning, backdrop planning as well as the editing, which took much more time and technique.

Ooh but I'm so happy I did these because I just can't get over how amazing they turned out. Most of these children I have been photographing for years, so to have the opportunity to capture them so differently and so strikingly was truly such an amazing creative process.

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Here are just a few of my favorites...