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For the past 6 years I've been photographing this family. Before they were three, before they were husband and wife actually. Their engagement, wedding, newborn portraits, holiday photos, milestones and family portraits. It's been such an honor going through this journey with them and this most recent session may be my most favorite of all. I love how they turned out, but I also know it will be the one of the last times they are photographed together for a while. Daddy is being deployed in a few weeks and knowing that he'll be away from these beautiful ladies kinda tugs at the old heartstrings. I know he's going to do a great job overseas and I know he's going to come home safe. But it will be a long time away from his loved ones, and he is not alone.

Thank you for all that you do. Being a military family is a sacrifice and I am so proud to know many of them, especially this one. God bless you all and be safe my friends.

GOTCHA! Columbus, Ohio Baby Photographer

Capturing milestones for families is a regular part of my job. I'm proud and humbled to document exciting moments for families. For this family, their daughter's 6 month shoot was not only to celebrate her half birthday, but also to celebrate her officially taking their last name. Miss Wesley was adopted by these loving parents last year. I had the honor of photographing her newborn session and now this amazing moment.

As with many clients, we have become facebook friends. Miss Wesley has become somewhat of a celebrity to many with her daily images in the most adorable outfits and gigantic bows. I always scroll through my timeline wondering what she'll be wearing today haha! She is a ray of light, not only for her parents, but for so many others. And while her parents would think they are the luckiest to have her as their daughter, I think it is Miss Wesley who is the lucky one. There is no doubt this mom and dad are madly in love with this little girl and are absolutely amazing parents.

Mr. N - Newborn Photographer Columbus, Ohio

Doing a newborn session with a sibling that is 3 or under can sometimes be a challenge. But as a mom who was unable to get my own toddler to cooperate when her sister was born, I make it my mission to do everything I can to get a photo of the older sibling with the baby. I know it is one of the most important shots to mom and dad. And I just remember how sad I was when I didn't get one of my own kids. So while it did take a little longer, we were able to get this proud big brother and his baby brother and some great ones of the entire new family of four. Little brother was awake for a while too, which I actually love because it's nice to have images of the baby awake and asleep.

It was such a pleasure to meet this amazing family and capture such a special time. Here are a few of my favorites!

Sleepy Little Man - Newborn Photographer Columbus Ohio

When Little Leo came to the studio he was pretty awake. I was a little worried that he wasn't going to sleep for his session. But as soon as we got him wrapped up and in moms arms he fell right to sleep. He stayed asleep for the entire session and we got some precious images. I wish all of my newborn sessions went this smoothly!

Here are a few of my favorites from his session.




Miss Amelia - Newborn photographer Columbus, Ohio

I've said it before, having the opportunity to take portraits for friends and family is truly the best. And when my friend, and this sweet baby girl's grandma, contacted me a few months ago to tell me she was going to be a grandma I was thrilled. Unfortunately, grandma wasn't able to make the shoot, but I had the best time meeting her son and all of his beautiful girls. We had such a wonderful time, especially when big sister got to pick out a princess dress from my collection to wear. She didn't want to take it off and kept spinning around watching it flow. They were all so in love with little Miss Amelia and we got some beautiful shots. I also couldn't get over how much Miss Amelia looked like grandma haha! And when I was editing these, I just kept looking at the images of all four of them and thinking how elated and proud she must have been to see her own son become a parent. Congrats to all of you!!

Here are a few of my favorites!

Brothers at Last - Newborn Photography Columbus, Ohio

This particular session was one I was extra excited about. I've known this family for 5 years now, when I first met mom and dad when they were expecting their oldest son. I too was pregnant with my first daughter at the time. I had them slated for a newborn session about 6 weeks after my little angel was born. As life would have it, things didn't work out as we had planned. A few days after I brought my new baby girl home, this couple welcomed their little one about a month early. Thankfully everybody was well and I was able to do his shoot only a few days postpartum myself. He was my first newborn after becoming a mama and I will never forget it. I've watched him grow these past few years and when I found out he was having a baby brother last year I was so thrilled for him and his parents.

We had planned that I would come to the hospital after baby brother's birth last month to capture the two boys first encounter. I told my husband the night before how excited I was to get to see this family the next day. This was going to be such an amazing experience, and a shoot in the hospital I don't typically do and was excited about. But that night I got very sick with the Norovirus and was unable to be there for their special moment. I was beyond bummed, and they were so understanding. Thankfully I was well for his newborn session and we got some amazing images. My favorites are the ones of the two boys on the white bed. Mom specifically requested these shots and they are truly heartwarming!

Here are a few of my favorites from their wonderful session.

Newborn photographer Columbus, ohio.

Columbus, ohio Newborn Photographer - Miss Cate

For months I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of one very special little girl! When I found out her parents, who are very good friends of mine, were expecting I cried. I've always known they would be the best parents, and any child born to them would be so blessed. A few weeks ago I finally got to meet this beautiful angel for the first time. She was a perfect little lady for the entire shoot and I literally didn't want her to leave. It was such an amazing gift for me to be able to help capture her in her first days. But most of all, seeing my dear friends, now as parents, was truly the most amazing thing ever. I love you J&J, congrats again!