Warm January nights... Columbus, Ohio Children's Photographer

As a photographer when the forecast calls for sunny skies and 50+ degrees in January, you get excited to get outside. Typically we’re stuck indoors and while I adore my studio, after months of being inside I’m itching to get out into some beautiful, warm sunlight! I also recently got a new camera lens that I’ve been waiting to use. Its a 105mm and for those who are familiar with photography, you know it’s not a focal lenght that is typcially used in the studio.

Coming off holiday break with my kids, I haven’t had many sessions and while I definitely have enjoyed the break, I love what I do so much and have been missing being behind the camera. It’s been a while since I’ve photographed my two nephews, they also happen to have this perfect little spot in their neighborhood that is amazing at sunset. So I grabbed my own two girls, got a few outfitst from the studio children’s wardrobe and headded over.

As the sun went down it did get a little chilly, but we spent about 15 minutes and got so many great shots! I seriously don’t even know which is my favorite. Then we headded back to their house for pizza and play time! Couldn’t think of any better way to spend the last weekend of holiday break!

If you would like to capture your own little ones contact me! My schedule is filling up fast so don’t wait. Spring will be here before we know it!

My "Not so Littles" - Columbus Ohio Children's Photographer

As a photographer sometimes you spend so much time photographing other people, you put your own sessions on hold. My oldest daughter celebrated her 6th birthday last month and it was time for her annual session and I just kept putting it off. A dear friend and fellow photographer even lent me some gorgeous Dollcake dresses to use and I just couldn't get the motivation to get her ready. I did have a day planned last week but of course it rained. Today was another rainy day, however around 7pm it cleared up so I grabbed both girls, put their curly hair in some loose piggies and bribed them with an Oreo McFlurry and off we went.

I wasn't really sure where I wanted to go, and the older she gets, the more shy she is when people are watching so I had one special spot in mind I knew would be more private. It's interesting because also as she gets older she tries to "pose" herself and channels Zoolander with her facial expressions haha! Getting those natural smiles is definitely more difficult these days, but I was so happy to get a few of her and capture her sweet, gentle soul and get at least one of her natural smile! Of course little sissy had to participate too and OMG she is such a ham! She kept tugging at my leg saying "mommy it's my turn now!"

Vintage Children's Portraits - Columbus, Ohio

With the technology of amazing cell phone cameras and affordable pro-grade cameras, it's no wonder this generation is the most photographed in history. I love that parents are capturing special moments, day-to-day activities and life. However, I wanted to take things back in time a bit and create timeless portraits that would be difficult to achieve using a cell phone. A throwback if you will to a simple style where there are minimal props and the child, their expression, and they really come to life.

About a month ago I did this kind of session with my own two girls. I had such an amazing response I decided to offer them as a mini session. It was definitely a challenge to offer these as minis, because this type of session is so completely different than the normal children's session. With a traditional session I'm trying to get them to smile, but asking them not too smile for these images proved to be harder haha! And unlike my usual session, the goal here was not to get dozens of good images, but just a handful that would really stand out and have an impact. Then there was wardrobe planning, backdrop planning as well as the editing, which took much more time and technique.

Ooh but I'm so happy I did these because I just can't get over how amazing they turned out. Most of these children I have been photographing for years, so to have the opportunity to capture them so differently and so strikingly was truly such an amazing creative process.

I will likely offer these again, so if you are interested make sure you are subscribed to my email list or contact me at christa@gablephoto.com

Here are just a few of my favorites...

My loves - Children's fine art photographer Columbus, Ohio

This time of year is so difficult when you have restless kiddos and they can't go outside for long. And we are trying to limit their television and ipad time. Thursdays are my days off and my little one stays home with me. Then my oldest gets off the bus at 11:45am. Yes you read it correct... 11:45AM!!!!! The day can be long, so yesterday I told them we could blow up the bounce house at my studio. I did have to take them with me to the dentist first. They were so good while I got my teeth cleaned. Aubrey, my youngest, sat next to the hygienist and watched and giggled the entire time.

After we headed to the studio. Aubrey is turning 3 in a few weeks so I knew I wanted to get a few portraits of her first. But Hayden wanted to get her photos taken too. Ummm yes!!! A child who actually wants her portrait taken now... I've died and gone to heaven! They both were so good. I only had to bribe them with Reece Cups and goldfish! Hayden is truly becoming a natural in front of the camera - she literally poses and moves and it is blowing my mind. And Aubrey, she just tilts her head and smiles and ooh my, I just can't even take it. I know she'll be a pro like her big sister in no time.

These past few weeks leading up to Aubrey turning 3 I've been getting so emotional. They both have gotten so big. My dad always told me how quickly time goes by once you have children. This year I'm going to do my best to not overwork myself and just enjoy my time with them and my husband. They're at such fun ages I don't want to miss anything!

Here are the few I had a chance to edit. We did a few other setups too, but these right here are the ones that stole my heart. And then a few of them in the bounce house after haha!

If you are interested in a Children's fine art portrait session please contact me here

Sister-Cousins! Columbus Ohio Children's Photographer

For the past 3 years I have had the absolute pleasure of photographing these 4 beautiful little girls. Their grandma books this session each year for her 4 grandaughters. These 2 sets of sisters coordinate their amazing outfits and this year they were just adorable all dressed in the most stylish plaid skirts from Justice. Just look how seet they all are, they look like models right out of a Justice advertisement!

Having the opportunity to watch these little blond's grow each year has been such a pleasure and I can't even wait to see them again next year and plan out another amazing shoot.

Sisterly Love - Baby Photographer Columbus, Ohio

Sometimes when a client calls to schedule a 1 year cake smash session I just can't believe how fast the year went. I remembered this little girl's newborn session so vividly and was just so tickled to see her when she came in with her big sister to celebrate her first birthday. The birthday girl needed a little warming up, and having her big sister there to make her comfortable definitely helped. Ooh they were just simply adorable! While we did capture many of the two of them together we made sure that this little doll got to smash her cake all by herself. But don't worry, big sissy definitely got a few bites!

Here are a few of my favorites.

All Gerber Here! Columbus, Ohio baby photographer

This little man walked into the studio and right away with those cheeks, those blue eyes and rosy lips gave me the biggest smile... I knew I was in for a treat. I mean for real, he is the definition of a Gerber Baby.

This was my first time meeting him and his parents and I was so delighted with not only him, but his wonderfully cheery mommy and daddy. It's easy to see why he is so happy! Okay enough reading, I know you just want to get to the adorable photos. Here are just a few of my favorites!