Last newborn of 2018 - Newborn photographer Columbus, Ohio

101 newborns in 2018… Wow, what a year and I must say I am just so honored to have captured so many of these precious infants. Each year I set a new goal, change things up a bit and hope that people will find me and trust me with this very important task. It’s an investment, one that is not cheap and comes at a time when expenses will be increasing for parents. But still, they put their faith in me and value the outcome, and for that I am truly honored and grateful.

Last week I photographed my last little bundle for 2018. I had been on a 10 day hiatus for the holiday break and was itching to get back in the studio. I had met this precious girl’s parents a few months prior when we did maternity portraits in downtown Columbus. They were lovely and I was so anxious to meet their little 6lb angel. When they arrived for their newborn photography session they warned me that she had been up all night experienceing some gas. “Up all night” is music to my ears!!! Typically that will mean the baby will sleep like a champ for me and she was no exception.

We were able to capture so many family images as well as many of her alone. I honestly could not even narrow down her gallery to my normal 35-50 images there were so many good ones. Such a wonderful session to end my year.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Finally a Sleeper - Newborn Photographer Columbus, Ohio

I have to say, October was kind of a doozie for newborns. By ‘doozie’ I mean it was the month of awake babies! My assistant Danielle and I held 9 newborn sessions and I would say more than half were little ones who weren’t sleepy. While I like getting some awake shots, sessions are much smoother when the baby is sleeping deeply. However, my last session of the month was for this adorable little man. He came in with his big sister and they both were amazing. Typically a sibling who is under the age of 4 can be a bit of a challenge. Not this sweet sissy! She was one of the best, most well behaved toddler siblings I’ve ever had in the studio. I am so happy because we got some of my favorite sibling shots ever and mama was thrilled.

Here are a few images from the entire session. Ooh I’m so glad my streak of awake littles is finally over!

Flowers and the most precious little lady - Columubs, Ohio newborn photographer

Both 2017 and 2018 have been filled with little boys in the studio, so when these parents told me they were having a girl and wanted to incorporate flowers into their session you can imagine my excitement. Don't get me wrong, I love me some precious little baby boys, but after a 5 baby boy streak I had, I was ready to get some flowers a bloomin' in the studio!

This little angel also happened to be so tiny and an amazing sleeper, so all around it was an incredible session. Here are a few of my favorites!

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And then there were four... girls that is! Newborn Photographer Columbus Ohio

When mama contacted me about doing her newborn portraits for her 4th child, I was so excited! They had 3 beautiful daughters and were waiting to be surprised with the 4th baby. Well it was another girl for this family and OMG after photographing her with her 3 big sisters it became clear that these little ladies were just meant to have another baby girl in the family.

I have to say, I was a little nervous to have them all in the studio and was literally praying we'd get at least one good shot for mama of the 4 of them together. Well, not only were they the most perfect little ladies and did we get many shots of them together, but I even managed to get individual shots of the older sisters too. They came with the most amazing outfits I just had to capture a portrait of each of them.

After the sibling portion the older gals left and I got to snuggle little miss #4 for her solo shots. She slept and then woke up right at the end for some of the most adorable awake shots. She had the best expressions I was so excited to have captured!

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Two Little Bundles - Columbus, Ohio Newborn Photographer

I can't express enough how truly blessed I am to have the opportunity to photograph so many precious little ones. They grow so quickly and documenting them during their first weeks is difficult sometimes, but so worth it. Most people expect photographing twins is going to be even more difficult, but I'll be honest, most of the time they are better than single newborns. They're used to being moved around since they're sharing a small space and typically are sooooo sleepy. These two were no exception. We did their entire shoot with mom and dad, and even extended family who were visiting from India, all in an hour and a half. They didn't wake to feed or need to be soothed at all. Ooh how I love it when this happens because we are able to get so many wonderful shots. 

Here are a few of my favorites from their recent newborn photography session at my hilliard, ohio studio. Mom and dad came in last night for their proofing session and seeing their reaction, and the tears in their eyes was just such an wonderful experience for me. 

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Better late than never - Newborn photographer Columbus, Ohio

This sweet little guy was more than 4 weeks when he came to visit for his newborn photography session. Mama had to have eye surgery days after delivering and scheduling within the recommended 2 week window just wasn't possible. So he was pretty awake for most of his session, but ooh my, I could not be more happy. Just look at those big eyes staring right at me. Be still my heart!

I was so looking forward to Quades session for many reasons. I've been photographing his beautiful big sister for more than a year now and I've known mommy for decades. We grew up together in the same neighborhood and recently reconnected. It's been so amazing watching this beautifull family grow and I can't wait to continue to watch both of these little ones as they reach new milestones.

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