Mr. N - Newborn Photographer Columbus, Ohio

Doing a newborn session with a sibling that is 3 or under can sometimes be a challenge. But as a mom who was unable to get my own toddler to cooperate when her sister was born, I make it my mission to do everything I can to get a photo of the older sibling with the baby. I know it is one of the most important shots to mom and dad. And I just remember how sad I was when I didn't get one of my own kids. So while it did take a little longer, we were able to get this proud big brother and his baby brother and some great ones of the entire new family of four. Little brother was awake for a while too, which I actually love because it's nice to have images of the baby awake and asleep.

It was such a pleasure to meet this amazing family and capture such a special time. Here are a few of my favorites!