Bright and Airy - Children's Portraits Columbus, Ohio

Each year in January I like to challenge myself to learn to try new things, practice techniques and just start fresh for the year. Luckily for me I have my own little models! Number one is almost five and finally loves being in front of the camera. She poses, takes direction and also has a natural ability to just "unpose." Number 2 is just shy of two years old and is in what I call the "red zone." The "red zone" is typically children ages 1-3, anyone who has a child in that age range knows what I'm talking about. And while my little model will tilt her head and say "cheese," it takes an entire bag of skittles to get one good shot, but in the end sometimes that's all you need.

This week I had to do some maintenance at the studio, so I dressed them up and decided to take a few shots and test out some new editing techniques. It's also been a while since I've gotten a good shot of the two of them together. They love coming to mommy's studio and, while they destroy the place when there, it makes my heart so full watching them play together in my "happy place." Here are a few favorites from the shoot.