Snow Day - Columbus, Ohio Children's Photographer

Finally some snow! I had visions dressing my girls in matching dresses and covering them with matching fur shawls and capturing them frolicking through the woods holding hands... Well reality set in and I realized I took all of my dresses to the studio and my 2 year old was a hot mess crying and refusing to put any shoes on. So I grabbed my blanket scarf and hat, threw them on my older daughter and went to the back yard to snap a few of her. She was so sweet and is so fun to photograph now because she actually follows direction. Although the ones I love the most are of her just being herself and trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue!

So this is our 5 minute shoot in the backyard. I love them. Even though they are not what I had envisioned - they are perfect and have made me realize how big my little girl has gotten.