Those Lashes! Columbus, Ohio Children's Photographer

Each January I get to photograph one of my favorite, not so little anymore, guys! This is my nephew who will be 5 in a few short weeks. I remember taking his newborn photos with him wrapped in a blanket stuffed into a basket like it was a year ago, sniff sniff. Seriously though, I can't believe how fast five years have gone. Each year his photos are always taken indoors because its winter. And if there was some beautiful snow, I would have taken him outside, but nada. So back to the studio, which I love anyway. But we are going on a family trip to Disney World next month and maybe I'll snap a few shots of him there!

Here are a few of my favorites. The last black and white was one of my more 'artsy fartsy' shots haha. Ooh, and OMG look at his lashes! I'm so jealous!