Brave as can be - Columbus, Ohio Children's Photographer

Last Friday I had the opportunity to spend some time with a very special little girl. With my own kids in good hands in Columbus, I drove to the Dayton Children’s Hospital to see my friend Scarlett and her mama. I first met Miss Scarlett in 2017. A client of mine posted about her cousin on facebook. Her cousin was the mother of a beautiful baby girl who had been diagnosed with neuroblastoma - very rare type of cancerous tumor that almost always affects children. That precious little girl was Scarlett. I offered to do a shoot for Scarlett and her family and after meeting her, I instantly fell in love with her sassy little personality. At the time Scarlett was undergoing chemo therapy and all of her beautiful blond hair was falling out. But to me she was still gorgeous, and at times it was hard to even believe that precious little girl was sick.

In 2018 Scarlett continued her battle against this terrible disease with bone marrow transplants and a series of immunization therapy. It’s hard to even believe all that this little brave girl has gone through in her very short lifetime. In November Scarlett turned three, and I had the pelasure of seeing her again. If any of you saw my images from the Santa mini sessions you know how amazing “Santa” was. Scarlett’s mom, Lindsay, contacted me to see if we could do a Santa session for her and thankfully I was able to set up a private one for her and her family. Scarlett, her big sister Praline, mom and her grandparents all came to meet St. Nick and we captured some wonderful moments. She brought her favorite new stuffed Grinch toy to join in the fun. I have to give credit to the most amazing Santa, Richard Knapp, for making Scarlett and her family feel so welcome and creating memories I know they will cherish.

Scarlett was able to have the Christmas holiday at home with her family and even had a visit from the Grinch I heard. But on December 26th she was re-admitted to Dayton Children’s hospital for another round of therapy. In speaking with Lindsay, I mentioned that I would love to come and see Scarlett and would be happy to take photographs of her. Last Friday was that day.

When I arrived, Charlotte and Lindsay were playing together in the “playroom” area of the cancer floor. I sat and chatted with the girls for a little while. Scarlett looked adorable as ever in her little jeans, sneakers, rainbow shirt and freshly painted teal fingernails. As Lindsay and I were chatting about the holidays and Scarlett’s treatments, Scarlett looked up from playing with legos, looked at Lindsay and just said “I love you mom.” My heart just melted. This was the first of many times throughout the day that Scarlett would say those words to her mom.

Once we were done playing Scarlett wanted to show me around. We went to her room and grabbed her favorite tea party cart and started on our journey around the floor. Scarlett knew the route right to the nurse’s station where all of the lollipops were. We headded in that direction passing so many friendly faces. Faces of nurses, doctors, other patients and other hospital staff who had become a part of Scarlett’s life these past few months. When we arrived at the nurse’s station, Scarlett looked for her very favorite flavor - Pink Bubble Gum! She grabbed one of those and a blue lollipop and put them in her cart to save for later. Next we made our way on to the sticker station and then to the giant snowman that greeted everyone as they got off the elevator onto her floor. We also stopped so she could give a check up to one of her favorite doctors and nurses and we even got a visit from a special furry friend, whom Scarlett loved to command “sit and stay.”

On this day I had the opportunity to get to know Scarlett so much better. I spent several hours with her and she reminded me so much of my youngest daugher - adorable, sassy and full of personality. She would just say the funniest things and crack up at herself. Ooh so many times I would forget why I was there, and why she was there. This little girl, who has spent so many of her days within the walls of a hospital, so many nights in a hospital bed, was just full of life last Friday and I am so honored I was there to see it.

When it was time for me to head back Scarlett was eating her lunch - a corndog and french fries! I hugged her goodybye and without skipping a beat she grabbed my cheeks, squeezed them and said “thank you for coming!” I couldn’t believe it, but then again, it was so her and I will never forget it!

Later Friday evening Lindsay sent me a message thanking me for coming. She said that she would welcome it if I wanted to share any of Scarlett’s images. I hadn’t planned on sharing my day because I don’t want it to be about me blah blah. But after thinking more about it, I do want to share Scarlett and her story. The more of you who are touched by her, the more prayers can be said! So I am happy to share a little bit of Scarlett with all of you. Hopefully you will keep her in your prayers. She is set to have some new scans soon and I am hopeful that all of these treatments will yield some positive news. If you would like to follow Scarlett and her journey visit her page Scarlett the Brave on facebook here

Lindsay sent me this one! That little stinker!

Lindsay sent me this one! That little stinker!

A few from Scarlett’s visit with Santa in November!

Warm January nights... Columbus, Ohio Children's Photographer

As a photographer when the forecast calls for sunny skies and 50+ degrees in January, you get excited to get outside. Typically we’re stuck indoors and while I adore my studio, after months of being inside I’m itching to get out into some beautiful, warm sunlight! I also recently got a new camera lens that I’ve been waiting to use. Its a 105mm and for those who are familiar with photography, you know it’s not a focal lenght that is typcially used in the studio.

Coming off holiday break with my kids, I haven’t had many sessions and while I definitely have enjoyed the break, I love what I do so much and have been missing being behind the camera. It’s been a while since I’ve photographed my two nephews, they also happen to have this perfect little spot in their neighborhood that is amazing at sunset. So I grabbed my own two girls, got a few outfitst from the studio children’s wardrobe and headded over.

As the sun went down it did get a little chilly, but we spent about 15 minutes and got so many great shots! I seriously don’t even know which is my favorite. Then we headded back to their house for pizza and play time! Couldn’t think of any better way to spend the last weekend of holiday break!

If you would like to capture your own little ones contact me! My schedule is filling up fast so don’t wait. Spring will be here before we know it!

Last newborn of 2018 - Newborn photographer Columbus, Ohio

101 newborns in 2018… Wow, what a year and I must say I am just so honored to have captured so many of these precious infants. Each year I set a new goal, change things up a bit and hope that people will find me and trust me with this very important task. It’s an investment, one that is not cheap and comes at a time when expenses will be increasing for parents. But still, they put their faith in me and value the outcome, and for that I am truly honored and grateful.

Last week I photographed my last little bundle for 2018. I had been on a 10 day hiatus for the holiday break and was itching to get back in the studio. I had met this precious girl’s parents a few months prior when we did maternity portraits in downtown Columbus. They were lovely and I was so anxious to meet their little 6lb angel. When they arrived for their newborn photography session they warned me that she had been up all night experienceing some gas. “Up all night” is music to my ears!!! Typically that will mean the baby will sleep like a champ for me and she was no exception.

We were able to capture so many family images as well as many of her alone. I honestly could not even narrow down her gallery to my normal 35-50 images there were so many good ones. Such a wonderful session to end my year.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Finally a Sleeper - Newborn Photographer Columbus, Ohio

I have to say, October was kind of a doozie for newborns. By ‘doozie’ I mean it was the month of awake babies! My assistant Danielle and I held 9 newborn sessions and I would say more than half were little ones who weren’t sleepy. While I like getting some awake shots, sessions are much smoother when the baby is sleeping deeply. However, my last session of the month was for this adorable little man. He came in with his big sister and they both were amazing. Typically a sibling who is under the age of 4 can be a bit of a challenge. Not this sweet sissy! She was one of the best, most well behaved toddler siblings I’ve ever had in the studio. I am so happy because we got some of my favorite sibling shots ever and mama was thrilled.

Here are a few images from the entire session. Ooh I’m so glad my streak of awake littles is finally over!

Meet Popcorn the kitten

For years both of my girls have been begging us for a cat. They both have been drawn to cats like crazy. Aubrey’s lovie is a cat named “meow meow” and Hayden wears cat ears to school daily. Nearly all of their clothing features cats. My husband and I have put them off and given every excuse not to get one we could think of. I have never owned a cat and always thought of myself as more of a dog person. Three years ago we put down our second dog and we still aren’t quite ready for another. Well last week a dear friend of ours passed away. He was an amazing man and left this Earth way too early. After attending his funeral we both were home talking about him, our children and how precious life is. Shortly after I saw a friend’s facebook post looking for a home for an adorable kitten that was found on the side of the road. That was it, I knew that kitten belonged to our family. Within hours I was driving home to surprise our sweet girls with the sweetest little feline. The looks on their faces when they saw her will forever be imprinted in my mind.

Today the girls were off school for the election. They wanted to get pictures with the new baby so off we went to the studio. This little angel was so good. She is still very young and tiny at 6 weeks and only 1lb 7oz. She sleeps most of the day still, so we swaddled her up, pet her sweet head and minutes later she was out. We got some precious images and I hope the girls will cherish these photos when they’re older. I know I will.

Life is too short ya’ll. Buy the shoes, take the vacation and… get the kitten!

Waiting for the twins - Columbus Ohio maternity photographer

This beautiful family moved to Columbus, Ohio from Wilmington, North Carolina earlier this year. Mama reached out on facebook to a local mom’s group inquiring about photographers. Several mom’s recommend me, which is one of the best compliments I could ask for. So in she came for a consultation so we could chat about maternity and newborn portraits for her twin boys on the way! Ooh I love, love, love doing twin sessions. And even better is their beautiful big sister.

When the family arrived for their studio maternity session I got to meet big sissy and the first thing she said was “I’m going to have two baby brothers!” Be still my heart…She is so excited! It was so much fun including her in the maternity session. It reminded me of my own maternity session I did with my first daughter while pregnant for my second. What a very special time for this family and I am truly so lucky they found me to document this amazing journey. I can’t wait to see these boys in a few months!!!!

Here are a few of my favorites from their session.